Polímeros Sintéticos is a 100% Mexican owned private company, and a leader in the manufacturing of resins derived from gum rosin, which focus on the markets of paint, adhesives, printing inks, road marking, rubber and gum.

Founded in 1965, by a group of professionals that by combining their knowledge, skills, and qualities, achieved from the start cutting-edge developments, enabling us to offer high quality resins for different industries with high performance. Positioning ourselves not only as a supplier of resins, but as a solution provider.

A second plant has been installed thanks to the growing demand for resins. Both with high-tech equipment, laboratory development and quality control with cutting edge technology.

We have stayed in the market for almost 50 years, thanks to our customers with whom we established a solid long-term relationship which has allowed us to grow with business stability, and we were able to adapt to changes and market demands.

Today our products are not only recognized in the domestic market, but are competing successfully in the international market especially in USA. Achieving and maintaining such a prominent place in the resin industry has been made possible by our company philosophy which summarizes down to "market products of the highest quality".



    Polímeros Sintéticos is a leader in the manufacturing of specialty resins for industrial coatings, sealants, coatings and road marking. We offer maleic resins, maleic paint and modified phenolics

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    products-fabricacion-adhesivosPolímeros Sintéticos is a leader in manufacturing high quality resins for industrial adhesives and hot-melts. In this line you will find Glycerol ester resin which helps the developments

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    productos-para-pintura-traficoPolímeros Sintéticos is a leader in its field, and offers excellent base resins for water and solvent based paint formulation used in road marking. Our maleic resin has a very stable

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    productos-mercado-de-tintasPolímeros Sintéticos specializes in formulating resins that satisfy the specific needs of the water-based ink industry used in solvent based gravure, flexography, screen-print,

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    Polímeros Sintéticos is a leader in developing tar soaps disproportionate with international quality. Our resin emulsion of SBR and NBR is mixed in the reaction with fatty acids during

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