Adhesives are utilized to hold two or more articles together by surface contact. Also known as glues, they require high adhesion and measured strength (based upon the application) to achieve the desired results. There are a variety of adhesive systems including Hot Melt and Pressure Sensitive as well as other specialty adhesive systems such as Water-Based, Polyurethane, and Epoxy.

Polímeros Sintéticos manufactures high quality gum rosin-based resins that are utilized in Hot Melt and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive systems.

Our products enable these adhesive systems to provide the following properties:
  • Adhesion
  • Bond strength
  • Open time
  • Removability
  • Hardness/Toughness
  • Color stability
  • Brightness
  • Elasticity
  • Oxidative resistance
  • Compatibility with other systems
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