Gum Rosin Derivates

Gum Rosin is a natural amber colored resin extracted from pine. This resin finds various applications in its natural or processed state, as a raw material for the manufacture of various products to improve its physical and chemical properties and to provide additional benefits to these. Our gum rosins are obtained through recovery methods in […]

Alkyd Resins

Alkyd resins are essential in the preparation of a wide variety of solvent based paints and coatings. They are provided in solvents such as xylene, toluene, and higher boiling mineral spirits. They are used in architectural, industrial, automotive, lumber and ink sectors, in road marking paint, industrial paint, decorative varnishes and enamels, and lacquers, as […]

Acrylic Emulsions

This line of products stands out because of the diversity of the options it offers in a market that is increasingly demanding.  One such market is printing inks with low VOC content. Their use depends on the type of emulsion and are mainly used in adhesives, inks, paints, architectural coatings, textiles, and the paper industry. […]