Gum Rosin Derivates

Gum Rosin is a natural amber colored resin extracted from pine.

This resin finds various applications in its natural or processed state, as a raw material for the manufacture of various products to improve its physical and chemical properties and to provide additional benefits to these.

Our gum rosins are obtained through recovery methods in which the life of the tree is preserved rather than being consumed as occurs with the production of Tall Oil Rosin in the papermaking process. That is why gum rosin is a renewable resource.

We certify the quality of our finished product, meticulously controlling the specification properties of:

  • Acidity
  • Color
  • Ring & Ball Softening Point
  • Composition

Within our portfolio of gum rosin derivative products, we can classify the main groups of products as:


Disproportionated and Dimerized

Obtained by catalyzed chemical changes in the molecules of resin acids found in rosin.

The modified gum rosins provide properties such as greater functionality, increased Ring & Ball, resistance to oxidation, adhesion promoter, stability, and higher molecular weight, amongst others.

Due to their characteristics, these rosins find interesting applications in the manufacture of elastomers (styrene, rubber, latex), manufacture of soaps for emulsion polymerization, adhesives, varnishes, and additives in various applications.


Obtained by the esterification reaction of the resin acids of the gum rosin or of the modified resin acids of the gum rosin with polyols.

This reaction generates a higher resistance to oxidation of the obtained resin, at the same time that it exhibits a better color and solubility in a wide range of solvents.

It also provides better compatibility with different polymers.

It is mainly used in Adhesives, Thermoplastic Traffic Marking, and Varnishes.


They consist of the modification of the gum rosin with other compounds, to generate adducts and subsequently to obtain special resins. This raises the molecular weight of the resin and provides unique chemical functionality.

Polímeros Sintéticos manufactures specialty gum rosin ester resins modified with: