Other Markets

There are many industries that utilize gum rosin-based resins to improve performance, quality, and functionality of the end use products.

Within the markets we serve we find:

  • Paper manufacturing: Gum rosin-based resins are used in papermaking as they have long been the traditional sizing agent for paper, which imparts resistance to penetration by fluids.  Most of our resins are nitrocellulose compatible and useable in paper applications. 
  • Chewing gum: Gum rosin-based resins provide agglomeration properties for the gum base, as well as better “mouth-feel” for chewing by improving the rheology of the base rubber. These resins provide better dispersion and retention of the flavor additives. Resins used in Gum Base must comply with the specifications established by the FDA and by the Food Chemical Codex. Polímeros Sintéticos will supply food grade gum rosin esters for chewing gum base use in the future.
  • Pigments: Gum rosin-based resins favor the manufacture of pigments during the grinding process by improving compatibility with solvents and mineral oils, helping to control viscosities, and improving Total Area Coverage.
  • Water treatment: Reaction of gum rosin-based resins to form the disproportionated gum rosin amine helps to avoid corrosion in condensate and steam lines, as well as having the advantage of being a highly durable amine.