Road Marking

Road marking paint is used to provide safety striping by marking our streets and roads through the use of lane marking, cross walks, and traffic signs, which allow transport to move more safely. This must be a visible, permanent, and long-lasting paint.

Solvent based paints have historically been utilized to provide this safety effect. However, their longevity is not optimal. Thermoplastic formulations were developed to conserve the use of solvents. These formulations utilize a polymer, pigment, filler, and resin to provide a hard, tough coating which is applied to a street or road surface at an elevated temperature. This coating has a longer useful life than traditional paint, better oil and gas resistance, and can be safety enhanced with the addition of glass beads on its surface to provide better light-reflection for night-time driving.

Polímeros Sintéticos supplies a variety of gum rosin-based resins for both the traditional paint and higher performance Thermoplastic formulas utilized today. These include both the conventional gum rosin esters as well as specialty maleic modified gum rosin esters for better oil and gas resistance in cross walks when used in Thermoplastic formulas. Thermoplastic also has the added benefit of a significant reduction of volatile agents in the air.

Our products provide Thermoplastics with the following improved properties:
  • Weather resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Better anchorage to road surfaces
  • Brightness/Gloss
  • Hardness/Toughness
  • Color retention
  • Better safety with glass beads for light reflection
  • Longer use life as compared with paint
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